10 trade secrets in Wedding Photography

Why you should hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?
October 12, 2017
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10 trade secrets in Wedding Photography

Things don’t just fall in place for an amazing wedding photography to happen. It does never just happen. A lot of effort has to be put in by the bride, groom and photographer. There are a thousand little things you need to care about. It all starts with finding the best wedding photographer. His/her style of photography must suit you and your loved one.

Every time you open your wedding album, you ought to be blown away. Make way for the splendid things to happen. You need those shots which you expect to be there. You also need those shots which will catch you off guard. To make an on-the-top wedding album, you need a bit of both. Here are ten best kept secrets of wedding photography to help you out.

Be spontaneous

Anything you do crazy on the wedding day cannot be deemed extreme. Things happen at the spur of the moment. Those spontaneous moments alone can give you the breathtaking wedding photographs, you wish for.

Multiple vantage points

Make sure you hire more than one photographer for the wedding. Two shots are always better than one. Place a photographer at the front and one at the rear. Make sure to get every emotion captured digitally.

Go with a specialist

Do not let your amateur photographer friend do your wedding photography. Always hire a specialist wedding photographer and make sure his/her style is in tune with your expectations.

Black and white

Black and white is always the best filter, there is. They are more dramatic than the vibrant color photographs. Get some black and white photographs into the mix. It makes up for the best and wide ranged wedding album.

Chemistry with photographer

You and your partner should be comfortable with the photographer. The off-screen chemistry with your photographer, reflects in your on-screen chemistry with your spouse.

Avoid pretends

Nothing looks bad on wedding photography than mock cake cutting and mock first dances. Remember you are going to look at it forever. The photographer has to be present at all the events to capture every special moment.

Don’t let things happen

A wedding photographer shouldn’t hesitate from taking control of the situation. They need to take charge rather than being a part of the wedding. They should go the extra mile with authority to capture the best shots.

Prepare for weather

You just can’t control weather. Your photographer must be prepared for rains. Get yourself an effective rainy day guarantee. Make sure you get maximum value and insurance on your wedding photography expenses.

Tailor made packages

Every wedding is unique in regards to the couple, guest list, and location and so on. You cannot go by readymade packages available to you. The wedding photographer must be ready to offer you tailor made solutions.


Unless you are sure, your prospective wedding photographer listened to you, don’t hire him. The photographer need to be all ears to your ideas and must be capable of creating magic with the same.