Newstead abbey wedding photography – Ania and Richard

Newstead abbey wedding photography. This was the Beautiful email I received from Ania and Richard when they wrote and article for publication after they were approached to see if they would like to have their wedding featured in a national bridal magazine.

Looking back, we haven’t the foggiest how it began. There was definitely a lot of Googling involved. And lots of websites and photos that looked exactly the same as those that had come before. We recall a fair old spell of frustration. Then we found iLife Photography and thought ‘Hang on, this is a bit different, a bit more us’. But we figured that you can’t pick a photographer just by gazing adoringly at a website (as pretty as yours is)…so we asked to meet you.

There we were, sitting on your swanky Chesterfield sofa in your uber-cool studio, surrounded by your fantastic pictures. There were awards dotted around the place and you were twirling on your swivel chair in a funky pair of Converse. Maybe that’s what it was – your Converse. Or maybe we’ll never know. But whatever, it was pretty clear early doors that we needed you to be the one to capture our wedding day through a lens.

The pre-wed shoot was a real giggle and meant that by the time 14 July came round, we were all like old chums, and that made everything far more relaxed. The thing is, what you did for us on our wedding day was so much more than wave a camera around and take a snazzy piccie or two. It takes something really rare and special to preserve atmosphere and emotion in a way that transports you right back to a moment again. Thanks to that ‘something-you-have-but-which-neither-of-us-can-quite-put-our-finger-on’, we get to re-live our story every single time we look at our wedding photos. And we love it.


Nottingham Photography Studios – Karl Bratby

Our new Nottingham Photography Studios are located in the penthouse of an old lace factory overlooking the city of Nottingham. Built in 1850, the red brick factory is situated outside of the main lace market district of the city, which is a little strange but the chap who built it wanted to be at the highest part of the city for dominance. Since he was the mayor at the time, no one could stop him – anyway thats the history lesson over.

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